Natural Resource Management

  • Capacity building of community on NRM and Climate Change resilience
  • Strengthening adaptive capacity of community
  • Reduction of vulnerability to climate change
  • Undertaking soil conservation measures
  • Increase in irrigation coverage
  • Creation of physical assets e.g., Check Dams, Dug wells, Diversion Weirs
  • Enhancing water availability
  • Improving Soil Health
  • Increasing crop production and productivity by application of advanced technology
  • Protection and promotion of bio-diversity

Watershed Development-OTELP

LAVS is implementing the OTELP project inPottangi Block of Koraput District as the facilitating NGO (FNGO) with the support of SC &ST Development Department, Government of Odisha. It is an external aided programme fundedby IFAD, DFID and WFP. The programme wasimplemented by the ST & SC DevelopmentDepartment. The programme aims to empowertribal community, ensure food security ofpoor tribal households with providinglivelihood opportunities which aresustainably improved through promoting more efficient equitable self-managed andsustainable exploitation of the NaturalResources at their disposal and through offfarm/non-farm enterprise development. Themain target group of the project comprised ofcommunities in villages where the majority 68%of the inhabitants are below the poverty line; 75%of target population belongs to ST category &15% to SC category; STs and SCs togetherconstitute 90% of target group..


The project is being implemented in Pottangi and Semiliguda Blocks of Koraput District, Odishawith the technical guidance and funding supportof State Rural Livelihoods Mission (SRLM) andNational Rural Livelihoods Mission (NRLM). Theproject aims to contribute for improved health andnutritional security, reduction of drudgery ofwomen agriculture workforce and empowermentof women farmers. It has organized 3000 women farmers through a network of community basedplatforms like SHGs, Producer Groups,Federations and Marketing Societies. Besidesprofessional staff, a dedicated team of CRPs andPRPs is providing handholding and process levelfacilitation in project implementation. The projectemphasizes Focus on the poor, Focus on womenand Adherence to protocols on SustainableAgriculture. The greatest advantage of the projectlies in its attempt to develop and tap social capital,especially women, in deepening developmentoutreach and effectiveness

LAVS with support of NABARD-KfW (Germany) partnership is implementing watersheddevelopment programme in Taupadar and ThuriaWatersheds of Pottangi Block, Koraput to protectrain-fed regions from further degradation and toimprove natural resource based livelihoods.Climate changeadaptation is the key componentof this initiative. Investments in improvement,stabilization,conservation of natural resourcesmainly soils is made to minimize the riskemanating from climate change and to increasethe productivity as well as income ofcommunities living in watersheds.The purpose of the interventions under theprogramme is to reduce vulnerability due toclimate change of small & marginal farmers inselected watersheds through the stabilization,enhancement and sustainable use of soil andwater resources. The project operates with thegoal to improve adaptive capacity of the communities in watersheds so that theirvulnerability to climate change is reduced on asustainable basis. The project is taken up for a period of three years starting with the current year