Study & Research

Project Implementation Consultancy for ADB assisted PMGSY Roads

LAVS was appointed as the Project Implementation Consultants for ADB assisted PMGSY Roads in the state of Odisha. Though initially it was for 25 districts, 5 LWE districts were not included, later it covered all the 30 districts. The assignment included preparation of Community Participation Framework [CPF], Environment Code of Practices [ECoP], Environment Management Plan [EMP], Gender Action Plan [GAP]. The activities included holding Gram Sabhas, taking photographs of the alignments, consultation with affected and very affected persons and suggest felling or non-felling of trees and harming water bodies etc. Another important aspect of the consultancy was to ensure safety of the road users and capacity building of the Engineers associated with the Rural Road Network Management Unit [RRNMU], Odisha.
In total, a length of5787.06 KMs were covered under ‘Preparation of CPF; 6544.06 KMs for preparation of ECoP inhabited by 166012 HHs under the consultancy.

Social Impact Assessment Studies

Whenever the government acquires land ant developmental activities, the impact of the land acquisition on the affected households, the compensation structure and amount etc. are done through conducting a Social Impact Assessment [SIA] study. The study ensures that the ‘Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Resettlement and Rehabilitation Act 2023’ has been strictly adhered to in the process; no one is deprived of his/ her fair compensation.
LAVS has completed 9 such studies across the state; such as

Multi-Disciplinary support to Pani Panchayats

In an attempt to build capacities of Pani Panchayats [Water Users Associations] and give them an avenue to increased farm-incomes, LAVS was assigned this project by the dept. of Water Resources, Govt. of Odisha. The geographic coverage was 2 [two] districts; namely Boudh and Kandhamal. LAVS had the responsibility only for making a framework for such kind of support; and subsequently submit its report to the concerned department.

Details of coverage:

Districts: 02 [Boudh & Kandhamal]
No. of PPs: 46 [Boudh: 20 and Kandhamal: 26]

Services Rendered

• Awareness building through campaigns
• Training to PPs on institutional development, new methods of market-led production technologies, input management
• Formation of Common Interest Groups [CIGs]
• Inter-district and Inter-state training-cum-Exposure visit
• Farmers field school, Demonstration
• Continued technical support

Evidence Based Media Advocacy Programme on Stunting and Child Nutrition issues in Odisha

UNICEF, the premier UN agency engaged in issues relating to child assigned this program to LAVS. The geographic coverage was entire state of Odisha. It aimed at mapping the role and responsibilities of the Media, both print and electronic in addressing issues relating to malnutrition in the state. LAVS identified critical areas, means to address them effectively.
The Govt. of Odisha has extensively taken up ‘Jaga Mission’; a mission that entitles urban slum dwellers to have own edifice and it has taken up the activities with Urban Local Bodies under the aegis of PMAY-U scheme.Social Audit being an integral part of the implementation of the scheme, the State Urban Housing Mission has assigned the ‘Social Audit’ to LAVS. It has completed the audits in 21 nos. of ULBs and still more are to be taken up. Formations of Social Audit Committees, Sub-Committees, Conducting Public Hearing etc. are fundamental parts of the assignment.

Preparation of Site Specific Wild Life Conversation Plan

LAVS prepared the Site Specific Wild Life Conversation Plan [SSWLCP] in connection to the ‘Construction of 220 KV SC [2 Conductor] Bonai RTS-RTS Bimlagarh Railway Line involving a forest area of 3.305 Ha.
The assignments involved Collection of all data & maps and prepare the Site Specific Wild Life Conservation Plan for the above construction.
Further, the assignment was to Identify, allocate, Demarcate, & Posting of pillars with GPS reading, Drawal of suitability certificate, Facilitate preparation of scheme for transfer and mutation, of additional non-forest govt. land; enumeration of trees; preparation and approval of WLMP if required.